Smarter Video Production Services.

We’re a full-service NYC video production company and video marketing agency.

Strategic Video Content for Digital Marketing

We produce strategic video content designed to optimize engagement at every stage of the sales funnel, and across all of your digital platforms.

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Promo Videos

Build hype for a product launch, new service, or event with snappy promotional videos.

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Social Videos

Grab and build your audience with bite-sized, shareable video ads, optimized for particular social media platforms.

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Commercial Videos

Get creative about building brand awareness or selling a product or service with a commercial video.

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Animated Explainer Videos

Help your audience better understand a product or service with a fun, visually immersive animated explainer video.

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Corporate Videos

Communicate effectively about your organizational vision, values, plans, and programs with corporate videos.

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Brand Videos

Skip the hard sell and connect emotionally with your audience through narrative branded content videos.

Video Production Services

ReelSmart is full-service video production company and video advertising agency based in NYC. We help you breeze your way to the top of the video production and marketing learning curve with smarter content that delivers measurable results for your brand campaigns.

What makes our services unique? While in the past, businesses would hire an ad agency to develop the creative for a video ad campaign, and the agency would in turn hire a third-party production company to shoot and edit the ads, ReelSmart brings together the best of both worlds under one roof. Like a traditional ad agency, we’ll help you develop a vision and plan for your video marketing campaign, fine tuned to your objectives. Whether you need a brand video, event video, corporate interview video, social media content, testimonials, TV or OTT ad spot, our team will bring their marketing expertise to the table to conceive, script, storyboard, and fully scope out a creative solution to meet your objectives and connect with your audience.

We then transition seamlessly into the production process with our creative director steering the process from start to finish.

Our team of experienced video, TV and film industry professionals have you covered with all of the core services you’d expect from a top video production company and post-production house: casting, talent prep, art direction, locations, permitting, filming, direction, coloring, editing, motion graphics, VFX, and more.

Video Marketing Strategy

The most effective video marketing projects start with a solid strategy. We walk you through the four fundamentals of strategy: what it’s for (S.M.A.R.T. objectives), who it’s for (audience personas), how they’ll see it (distribution and promo) and how to track results (KPIs).

Creative Concept Development

Keeping your strategic objectives in mind, we help you develop the creative vision for telling your stories most effectively and engagingly to your video audience.

Script Writing & Storyboarding

Our talented writers can turn your vision and messaging into a detailed script or a storyboard depending on the project.

Location Scouting & Management

Whether it’s for a simple corporate interview or a complex commercial shoot, our team will scout out the right locations to tell your story and take care of bookings, permits and other logistics.

Talent Casting & Management

For video content that requires acting talent, we’ll put out the casting calls, narrow down the list, take care of auditions and hiring, and prep the hires for the shoot.

Shooting Packages

As a full-service production company, we offer all the equipment, crew talent, and technical expertise you’ll need to get stunning footage. We offer packages ranging from individual videographers, with simple setups, to full crews to manage complex projects.

Directing (And Subject Coaching)

A good director ensures that shoots come together flawlessly to deliver on your vision. Our director roster includes top-notch award winning commercial and narrative talent with experience executing for brands large and small.

Editing: Video & Sound

We harness the power of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of editing programs (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition) to polish the raw video and audio into a beautiful finished product.

Motion Graphics and VFX

Our post-production team creates slick, on-brand logo intro and outros, illustrative overlays, and other elements such as lower thirds titles and text. We also offer basic special effects work.

Results Tracking & Optimization

Our primary goal is to deliver results for your business or organization. So, we can also help you determine and track the right key performance indicators to measure results and we can help you set up and manage the right digital analytics tools for the job.

White Label Video Production

If you are a marketing agency or production company that needs to outsource any aspect of a video project, we also provide white label production services.

Video Production Process

Our video production process involves six simple stages designed to deliver the measurable results you expect.


Strategy is the foundation of effective video outcomes. We offer audits of your digital platforms and help you answer the following questions: what is the specific objective, who is the specific audience, how will you promote and distribute, and what KPIs and tools will you use to measure success.


With a strategy in place, we craft a creative vision to fit the objectives, audience and distribution method. We are more than video producers: we’re professional communicators and storytellers.


We handle all aspects of pre-shoot planning including finding and booking the best locations, talent casting, permitting, set design and preparation and equipment rentals.


From the most elaborate commercial productions to simple interview-style shoots, our fully-equipped team of videographers, directors, lighting designers, audio technicians will make sure you come away with stunning footage.


We harness the power of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of editing programs (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition) to polish the raw video and audio into a beautiful finished product.

Follow Up

Our primary goal is to deliver results for your business or organization. So, we also help you determine and track the right key performance indicators and analytics tools to measure and track progress towards your objectives. We can also help you learn how to use this data to optimize your content to respond to viewer behavior.