Urban Electric Power

Our animated tech explainer video looks at how Urban Electric Power is revolutionizing energy storage with its breakthrough Ohm brand batteries.

The Problem

When Urban Electric Power was on the verge of releasing its new line of revolutionary alkaline batteries for home backup power, they reached out to ReelSmart to commission a marketing video to explain their innovative technology to potential customers. At the time, the company was in the final phases of preparing its devices for commercial production, and with a limited budget and only working prototypes available for filming, we had to seek an alternative solution for portraying the device at work in a home environment.

The Solution

For the Ohm video the obvious solution was an animated tech explainer video. The video needed to portray a variety of scenarios (e.g. a power outage, users interacting with a final model in a home environment, and some aspects of the technology) that would have been too expensive to capture with a live action video. But with an animation we were able to portray all of these things in a short upbeat, engaging video, at a fraction of the cost.

The Results

In the end, ReelSmart delivered a bright, upbeat explainer video that captured all of the benefits of this unique backup power device.