Hachette Book Group

A movie style promotional trailer for the Basic Books title “Philip and Alexander: Kings and Conquerers” by Historian Adrian Goldsworthy.

The Problem

The Basic Books division of Hachette Book Group needed help boosting the performance of its YouTube channel with engaging promotional trailers for forthcoming titles. With the pandemic ongoing, the client did not have the option to shoot professional talking-head footage of its authors, meaning a solution was required to capture the highest quality remote DIY smartphone footage from its authors and then to boost the production value with world-class post-production work.

The Solution

On the production side, ReelSmart developed a list of best practices to ensure the Basic Book authors would deliver the high quality smartphone footage. In post-production we enhanced the visual appeal of the videos with custom animated (2.5D) stock photos and other graphic imagery, and rounded it all out with a dramatic cinematic music track.

The Results

Within several weeks of the publication, the Philip and Alexander trailer has racked up over 1000 views and subscriptions to the Basic Books YouTube page have risen by 225%. ReelSmart will continue to produce trailers for Basic Books every month to continue this trend.


DIY Smartphone Video Consulting
Graphic Design
Motion Graphic Animation
Vocal Audio Editing
Music Track Curation
YouTube Thumbnail Design