Expression Library

Random Text Scaling + Scale Overshoot

Author: Dan Ebberts

Applied to a scale animator, scales up text randomly by letter, with a bouncy scale overshoot.

Code Sample

Hover over the code and click the copy button.

					freq = 3;
decay = 5;
maxDelay = 1.0;

myDelay = random(maxDelay);
t = time - (inPoint + myDelay);
startVal = [100,100];
endVal = [0,0];
dur = 0.1;
if (t < dur){
  amp = (endVal - startVal)/dur;
  w = freq*Math.PI*2;
  endVal + amp*(Math.sin((t-dur)*w)/Math.exp(decay*(t-dur))/w);

Other Notes

Twirl down the “animate” arrow on the layer, add a scale animator, set the scale value to zero percent, twirl down the “add” arrow to add an expression selector, delete the range selector, and replace the default expression under “amount” with the copied code. The effect animates from the in point, so move the layer in point to where you want it to animate in.