Expression Library

Follow The Leader

Uses the valueAtTime expression to tether the movement of one layer to multiple other layers, with a delayed follow on a specified timed interval. 

Code Sample

Hover over the code and click the copy button.

					delay = 0.5;
leader = thisComp.layer(1); 
leader.transform.position.valueAtTime(time - delay*(index-leader.index));

Other Notes

  • Add expression to the same property (position, scale, opacity etc.) of all following layers
  • All follower layers must be placed beneath the leader layer in sequential order
  • If the leader layer’s layer-number is other than 1, replace the (1) in the expression with the layer number
  • If you delete the delay value number and pickwhip “value” of an expression slider effect (for example a slider in the leader layer) you can easily change the delay of all follower-layers at the same time.