Ramapo NYC and NYC Department of Education

A series of high energy, engaging educational interview videos to help guide NYC area teens through planning for their career paths after high school.

The Problem

To grab the attention of young viewers around the importance of preparing for life after high school, we knew we had to create content that really popped and felt relatable. The client requested three 5 minute videos including two videos of Ramapo NYC youth coaches talking about post-secondary milestones, and one video featuring real NYC highschoolers discussing their goals with parents and mentors.

The Solution

From designing colorful contemporary look for our sets, to fostering light-hearted, talk-show inspired conversations with real teens and parents, to interspersing the edits with behind the scenes footage and TV and movie clips, we brought our A game to create a series that would vibe with teens and adults alike.

The Results

Clients have reported that the videos have been a valuable informational tool for parents, mentors and teens alike!