Brooklyn Preschool of Science

We worked with the Brooklyn Preschool of Science to create a series of three 30-second ads showcasing the unique offerings of their curriculum.

The Problem

Create a series of ads that showcase the unique science-focused curriculum offerings that BPOS offers their preschool students. The challenge was to create short, engaging ads that capture the essence of the school and that were both informative for parents and fun enough for kids to enjoy. An additional challenge was shooting ads at the preschool locations during an active school day, without actors, relying only on the actual students and teachers as the “talent.”

The Solution

ReelSmart developed an iterative commercial concept for a series 30 second ads, each of which would showcase a particular educational offering: robotics, botany, and animals/bio-diversity. The ads we developed could be promoted via a drip campaign on social media, and the iterative design allows us to introduce additional topical ads over time. The campaign has yet to officially launch, but these brand discovery ads will be deployed on social media (and possibly Hulu) with the goal of driving traffic to the BPOS website.

The Results

Campaign numbers are forthcoming. BPOS founder and director Carmelo Piazza loved the final product: “These came out exactly as I envisioned. They truly encapsulate who we are in a kid-friendly way yet also focusing on the science and academia. I love them!”


Concept development Scripting Art/Set Direction Lighting design Videography Talent direction Color grading Editing Voiceover Animation Promotional strategy


Canon C300 Mk II with ProRes RAW Atmos monitor kit Zacuto Shoulder Plate + Handles Easyrig Minimax camera support system Manfrotto MVH502A Fluid Head and 546B Tripod System Aputure 600d, 300d, 120d floods 8x Astera tube lights 2×3 sandwich diffusion system 8×8 China silk and frame