Brooklyn Preschool of Science

ReelSmart created a new brand video for the Brooklyn Preschool of Science to build on the success of our previous round of promo videos.

The Problem

The Brooklyn Preschool of Science stands out as a unique service provider focusing on an immersive STEM focused curriculum in the competitive NYC preschool market. But to stand out among their competitors, they require creative marketing campaigns to differentiate themselves and grab the attention of parents in the target market. A key part of their strategy relies on targeted creative video ad placements on YouTube. That’s why they’ve relied on ReelSmart since 2021.

The Solution

Building on the success of ReelSmart and Brooklyn Preschool of Science’s 2021 video collaboration, decided to take things to the next level with our 2022 round of videos. As with our 2021 videos we concieved of a series of ads, each of which would focus on a particular aspect of the school’s curriculum or learning environment. But this year, drawing on the performance metrics from the last round of videos, we devised narratives that would more quickly grab the viewer’s attention and hold it for the duration of the video. This included starting the voiceover narrative within the first second of the ads to immediately establish the theme of each video, and to reinforce that message with a eye-catching thematically unambiguous initial shot.

The Results

If the client loved our 2021 series of videos, they were even more excited about the 2022 round, telling us that they surpassed the previous round in visual and narrative appeal. We’re eagerly awaiting the client’s report on the first round of peformance metrics from YouTube.