A creative spin on the testimonial video. With the talent of NYC actors we told the story of how the app helps businesses build client relationships.

The Problem

Help an app startup tell the story of how their new retail review app (a competitor to services like Yelp) does goes beyond helping businesses find new clients, to building relationships with those clients. Take an app that was still in development and present a narrative that convinces viewers that it is already benefitting businesses and their customer-users of the app. And do it all on a startup budget.

The Solution

Our video tells the story of three people: an app customer-user, a restauranteur and an eyewear store owner. Shoestring found two businesses in Brooklyn to serve as the settings for the shoots and hired talent to play the three characters in the narrative. We shot this with a skeleton film crew, support from the business establishments, and a handful of extras in a 1 day shoot.

The Results

Since the production of the video the client has succeeded in its goal of using the video to secure partnerships with businesses to help with the testing and development of the app.