How to Lengthen After Effects Presentation Templates (Video Tutorial)


After Effects presentation templates like those available on sites like Motion Array can be a great plug-and-play resource for designers who need to create a sharp looking video presentation on tight budget or timeframe.

Of course, as with all templates they aren’t designed with every end-use case in mind, meaning you often have to poke around a bit under the hood to make custom adjustments.

One of the more common challenges these presentation templates present is the limited length and number of the “slide” composition layers within the original AE project. Most templates I’ve found feature around 10 or fewer slides of 10 seconds or less in length, which makes most of them far too short for my purposes.

The upshot is you need to design a workflow that involves creating independent duplicates of the slides as well as longer versions of some slides before you start making other changes. And because each slide comp often includes a number of sub-comps and other layers, this can get fairly tricky.

But fear not. I’ve got you covered with the following tutorial, which walks you through my workflow for extending the length and increasing the number of slide comps in AE presentation templates. Once you understand the general process, you’ll find there’s no template you can’t customize to meet your needs.

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