How to Increase Sales with Video - Part 1: Top Video Production Tips

Marketing videos. Most businesses understand they need them but too few know how make good use of the medium. At Shoestring Videos we’re on a mission to change that, and today we’re kicking off our How to Increase Sales with Video series with a rundown of our top commercial video production tips.

First of all, if you don’t know what all the video hype is about allow me to enlighten you with a few fun facts:

Video is the uncontested content king! It accounts for nearly ¾ of all IP traffic on the web today

It’s also the number one type of marketing content that consumers want to see more of from companies, and that may be why most marketers consider video the marketing tool with the highest ROI.

So how do you cash in on this cash cow?

Tip 1: Make it strategic

Being strategic means starting by knowing the purpose of your video. If you think the purpose is to sell widgets, you’re wrong. That’s the purpose of your business. The purpose of commercial video is to engage potential customers at different points in their buying journey – and that can involve employing different methods including persuasion, brand awareness, education and so on.

Tip 2: Make it entertaining

Think of the last time you watched a video the whole way through and shared it on social media – chances are it made you laugh, it moved you, it surprised you, or it taught you something useful (like this video). And chances are equally high that it wasn’t a corporate slide show, or a blatant sales pitch. Remember, just like you, people don’t want to watch ads; they want to watch content.

Tip 3: Make it quality

This one goes out to all you would-be smart phone Scorseses out there.

Video production is an artform, a very technically complicated artform requiring multiple competencies including videography, lighting and audio design, scripting, direction, talent management, location scouting, animation, special effects and more. To do all this right you’ll need to be willing to open up your pocketbook. But you will see the returns. Let’s not forget one of the stats I dropped at the top – that most marketers agree that video produces higher ROI than any other marketing tool. So, don’t skimp on video.

Tip 4: Make it visible

Too many businesses treat video as window dressing for their website, rather than as a tool for driving traffic to their site. That means you have to have a strategy for pushing out your video content through as many channels as possible – this means it’s got to live on places like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in so on.

Distribution partners can be a big help too. If your video is good enough, popular content producers from social media influencers, to big online magazines and blogs will want to share it for you.

So that’s the rundown of our top tips for successful marketing videos. To learn more, you can always set up a free consultation with us by visiting and keep checking our blog for more posts like this where we’ll be digging deeper on these tips.

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